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The effect of integration robust regression analysis with inversion of transients for median gradient method at study of diatremes on Anabar shield

Yu. A. Davydenko1
A. Yu. Davydenko2
I. S. Kupriyanov3
P. A. Popkov4
S. V. Sleptsov5
I. Yu. Pesterev6
S. V. Yakovlev7
  • 1 — Institute of the Earth’s Crust Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch
  • 2 — GeliosGroup
  • 3 — OJSC Diamonds of Anabar
  • 4 — OJSC Diamonds of Anabar
  • 5 — OJSC Diamonds of Anabar
  • 6 — Siberian Geophysical Research-and-Development Company LLC
  • 7 — Siberian Geophysical Research-and-Development Company LLC
Date submitted:
Date published:


For diatremes searching on Anabar crystalline shield classical scheme with measuring in both in frequency and time domain has been used. Using  original  algorithms in combination with robust statistical methods  allow to significantly increase  efficiency information quality  of the field material and detect transient during switch on current pulse. The robust regression procedure was used for removing curves dependence from transmitter-receiving setup. Sediments covered diatreme was discovered in the vicinity of etalon object. The diatreme, which was verified more recently by a borehole, was non manifested in the resistivity map. Inversion  of areal data of transients was performed within five-layers one dimensional induced polarization model and sensitivity is observed up to 1200 m depth.

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