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Application of the modern electric exploratory technologies in prospecting of mineral deposits

High resolution helicopter-borne electromagnetic surveying in 1:5000 scale

A. K. Volkovitskii1
E. V. Karshakov2
E. V. Moilanen3
  • 1 — Institute of Control Sciences of the RAS
  • 2 — Institute of Control Sciences of the RAS
  • 3 — Institute of Control Sciences of the RAS
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The resolution increasing problems are discussed for airborne electromagnetic survey. It is a key issue for searching small isometric in plan objects, like kimberlite pipes. The theoretical possibility of survey with 50 m distance between lines is shown. Necessary practical requirements are declared for such scale. They are a solution of navigational task, transmitter positioning with respect to receiver and with respect to the ground, system’s geometry limitations. Future trends are analyzed on acquired data for detailed surveying on adjacent territories of ex- ploited or duffer deposits.

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