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Application of the modern electric exploratory technologies in prospecting of mineral deposits

Experience of the complex application оf geophysical and geoelectrochemical methods for the prediction and prospecting оf mineral deposits

S. G. Alekseev1
S. A. Veshev2
N. A. Voroshilov3
  • 1 — FGU NPP «Geologorazvedka»
  • 2 — FGU NPP «Geologorazvedka»
  • 3 — FGU NPP «Geologorazvedka»
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Due to the complexity of prospecting and exploration  of  deep  seated  mineral  deposits, there are new requirements for the methods used. Methods should be  focused on the structural and tectonic characteristics of target objects. A set of methods, including gravity, magnetic, geoelectrochemistry is intoduced. This article describes applying of this complex technology and an example of using it effectively is given.

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