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Ultrasonic control of the nonlinear elastic properties of the microcrumbling polycrystalline rocks

V. M. Tsaplev1
R. M. Ivanyuk2
V. V. Zverevich3
  • 1 — Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI)
  • 2 — Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI)
  • 3 — National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
Date submitted:
Date published:


The influence of the uniaxial static stress on the Young’s modulus and on the internal friction of the polycrystalline rocks was studied. It was showed, that the effects of micropores and microcracks on the nonlinear elasticity and unelasticity of material are different. This makes possible different control of such  parameters as microporosity and  microcracking. The study was performed using the original method of loaded complex oscillator.

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