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Vol 204
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Engineering geodesy

Algorithm to compute a flat rectangular coordinate, connectig of meridians and scale Gauss in 6-degree zone for geodetic coordinates

V. N. Balandin1
I. V. Men'shikov2
M. Ya. Bryn'3
Yu. G. Firsov4
S. L. Shtern5
About authors
  • 1 — Branch of the FSUE «CNIIGAIK – DO a SS»
  • 2 — Branch of the FSUE «CNIIGAIK – DO a SS»
  • 3 — Petersburg State Transport University
  • 4 — Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping
  • 5 — LLC «RFN-Surveying Saint Petersburg»
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The algorithm of calculation flat rectangular coordinates, connectig of meridians and scale of projection Gauss in 6-degree zone by geodetic coordinates is offered. This algorithm for as alternative of algorithm Gauss is used. The algorithm Gauss manycratical is kindperformansed and today is used. Also this algorithm an sientific academic and informatical literature, and too an normative-technical geodetic documents is used.

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