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Vol 204
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Engineering geodesy

Rationale for the accuracy and parameters of cadastral surveying of land urbanized territories

M. Ya. Bryn'1
P. A. Veselkin2
V. N. Ivanov3
A. V. Astapovich4
Yu. V. Shcherbak5
About authors
  • 1 — Petersburg State Transport University
  • 2 — Petersburg State Transport University
  • 3 — Petersburg State Transport University
  • 4 — Mozhaisky Military Space Academy
  • 5 — Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management
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It is shown that the position of landmarks urban land area up to 2 hectares should be determined with errors in relation to the items city geodetic network mt  = 0,05 m, for sites larger area – mt = 0,10 m. Formulas calculate the parameters theodolite moves (angular and linear residuals, stroke lengths and the number of sides) and the parameters of the cadastral survey (distances to landmarks).

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