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Mathematical modeling of mine air conditioning in the zone of mine works

A. A. Lapshin
  • National University of Krivoy Rog
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The article addresses the topical problem of normalizing the microclimate in the deep ore mines of the Krivbas and Zaporozhsky iron ore mines. Studies of heat exchange processes in the mine workings of the deep ore mines of Krivbas and Zaporozhsky iron ore have shown considerable changes in air temperature. Moreover, as a rule, in the zone of mining works, the air temperature exceeds the permissible values of 26 °С, and at depths of 1200-1500 m reaches 28-30 °C. A method of normalization of the thermal conditions in the zone of mining works due to cooling in the irrigation chamber is presented. A mathematical model of heat exchange processes in the irrigation chamber, which allows, by simulation modeling, to establish thermal regimes corresponding to the sanitary and hygienic norms of mining operations in the conditions of deep iron ore mines, is presented.

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