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Theoretical aspects of the kinetics of gas hydrates

E. P. Zaporozhets1
N. A. Shostak2
  • 1 — Kuban State Technological University
  • 2 — Kuban State Technological University
Date submitted:
Date published:


In the systems of collection, preparation, transportation and processing of hydrocarbons in conditions of a certain temperature and pressure, gas hydrates, which adversely affect the operation of the processing equipment, are formed. To prevent hydrate formation, it is necessary to determine the time and rate of growth. For this purpose, physical and mathematical models describing the growth of crystalline hydrates are being designed and developed. The developed models differ from one other. The reason for the difference is that each model is designed for specific temperature and pressure conditions and individual gas hydrates (or mixtures). The main theoretical models describing the process of growth of hydrates under different conditions are presented.

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