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Docking zones of responsibility for achieving development targets of commodity companies

V. L. Ulanov
  • Higher School of Economics
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Case studies show the urgency of the problem of securing zones of responsibility for achieving development targets. The article gives a current practice analysis in the domestic economy. The importance for companies not only to assess past achievements, but to study the characteristics of the development prospects is stressed. The article deals with questions of quantification, targeting and allocation of responsibility for achieving development targets of commodity companies. The cost of oil and gas companies as a criterion for its development is analized.  The impact of various factors on the cost is assessed. The article high lightens the role of external factors in the current period as well as the importance of the fundamental ones. It also shows the possibility of calculating out come indicators by different measures in the face of negative factors. The system of targeted strategic and planning targets for quantitative assess-ment of the strategic goal sand objectives to achieve the misdemonstrated. For example, the largest Russian company Gazprom shows one way to implement such an approach. Gazprom's system of targeted strategic, planning and monitoring indicators for quan-tifying the strategic objectives and ways of achieving the misshown and management based on targeting and consolidation of areas of responsibility is recommended.

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