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Vol 214
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Nickel electrolyte purification from ferrum (III) and copper (II) impurities by extraction using a mixture of oleic acid and triethanolamine

L. A. Voropanova1
N. T. Kisiev2
About authors
  • 1 — North Caucasian Institute Mining and Metallurgy Institute (State Technological University)
  • 2 — «MMK «Norilsk nickel»
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The conditions of the selective and joint extraction of copper and ferrum impurities from a nickel electrolyte by extraction using a mixture of oleic acid and trietanolamine in kerosene were determined: extraction Fe (III) at 3 < рН ≤ 4, 1 ≤ В:О ≤ 4 and t = 40 °C; extraction Cu (II) at 5 ≤ рН ≤ 6, 1 < В:О ≤ 4 and t = 40 °C; joint extraction of copper and ferrum at рН = 5-6, 1 ≤ В:О ≤ 4 and t = 40 °C. The process flow sheet of selective extraction of ferrum and copper from a nickel electrolyte by extraction using a mixture of oleic acid and triethanolamine in kerosene is given.

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