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Metallurgy and concentration

Development of an environmentally safe gold extraction method from refractory ores using sodium thiosulfate as an extractant

Yu. V. Sharikov1
Ilkka Turunen2
  • 1 — National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
  • 2 — Lappeenranta University of Technology
Date submitted:
Date published:


The article presents the results of a mathematical model development for the process of gold leaching from gold-containing ores and concentrates. A mathematical model has been developed by analyzing the chemistry of reactions and mass transfer processes. On the base of a kinetic extraction model and a hydrodynamic complete mixing model a mathematical model of thiosulfate leaching process in various types batch reactors, complete mixing flow process vessels and complete mixing reactor columns with different numbers of vessels in a column has been developed. The effect of the number of reactors in a column has been investigated and optimal segmentation conditions have been found. Based on the investigation of the process using the mathematical model a control system structure has been designed to provide maximum conversion at the exit area of a reactor column.

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