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Mining education: traditions and perspectives in the XXI century

Freiberg mining academy and mining cadet corps: their place and role in Humboldt´s life and activities

I. G. Rebeshchenkova
  • National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
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The article examines the stages and events of Humboldt s life, associated with the European institutions: Freiberg Mining Academy and the Mining Cadet Corps in St Petersburg. It establishes the fact that his training at the former, in particular, his acquaintance with V.Y.Sojymonov, con-tributed to the beginning of his connection with the Mining Cadet Corps. A notable event in Hum-boldt s life, which helped to establish and further develop those contacts, was his trip to the Urals and Siberia, where he met and worked with alumni and staff of the Mining Cadet Corps – P.P.Anosov, E.K.Hoffman, D.S.Menshenin, and G.P.Gelmersen. A number of Humboldt’s arti-cles, published in a scientific journal of the Corps «The Mining Journal», testify to those meetings. The article provides a conclusion, which is of great current interest, in connection with the anniversaries: 250 th anniversary of Freiberg Mining Academy; 240 th anniversary of the Mining Cadet Corps (nowadays – the National Mineral Resources University «The Mining University»), and 190 th anniversary of «The Mining Journal», - that those two core European educational institu-tions with the mining and geological specialization, in close and productive interaction played a key role in Humboldt’s life and professional activity.

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