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I. V. Ivanova, V. M. Shaber (2016) Modern method for gas production. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 219. p. 403. DOI: 10.18454/pmi.2016.3.403
IvanovaI. V., & ShaberV. M. (2016). Modern method for gas production. Journal of Mining Institute, 219, 403.

Modern method for gas production

I. V. Ivanova1
V. M. Shaber2
  • 1 — Saint-Petersburg Mining University
  • 2 — Bio Eco Power
Date submitted:
Date published:


It is usually very difficult for any company to being an energy related project to completion. Not only is the endeavor associated with great financial risks, but it is also very difficult to decide which technological solution is the best longterm investment. Furthermore, government bodies shape the investment climate in the energy sector by imposing taxes and fees, which also increases expenditures. Fortunately these market conditions act favorably on energy production based on renewable sources. The purpose of this investigation is to establish the conditions that enable production of biogas by processing waste products of human consumption: food waste, plants, common household trash and even excrement. There is compelling evidence that the production of fuel cells by utilizing raw methane is at the very least economically justifiable. The design of the power plant itself makes it an ideal independent source of electricity and heat, which can be located in close proximity to the consumers.

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