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Mining education: traditions and perspectives in the XXI century

History and philosophy of science in technical and mining-geological education in modern Russia

M. I. Mikeshin
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  • Saint-Petersburg Mining University
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The paper describes the manner to teach history and philosophy of technical sciences in today’s Russia. The conventional concept of philosophy of science is examined, in particular, in its application to technical sciences. Didactic peculiarities of the history and philosophy of science course as it is taught in Russia to PhD students, within an example of academician V.S. Stepin’s manuals, are analyzed. Concepts of the role philosophical courses play to enrich students’ scholarly training are discussed. It is underlined that the didactics based upon the belief into the rationality of the whole «world system» and into the right way in understanding its «foundations» is still preserved everywhere. It is important for philosophers to deal with describing and studying contexts which are not taken into account by disciplinary paradigms. Three levels, on which student and PhD students meet philosophy, form a unity. Collaboration and intellectual exchanges between teachers and students on the two highest levels can be turned into an abundant source of the essential information for teachers.

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