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Platinum specialization of supergene nickel deposits on ultramafic massifs of the Urals

I. V. Talovina
  • Saint-Petersburg Mining University
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This paper presents an analysis of geochemical data obtained as a result of persistent research of the Buruktal, Ufalei, Elov and others supergene nickel deposits of the Urals on the content of precious metals. Content and distribution of platinum group elements, gold and silver in oxide–silicate nickel ores are compared with their content in initial dunite-harzburgite bedrock. It was revealed that all the PGE accumulate in supergene nickel deposits. Geochemical specialization of PGE mineralization of supergene nickel deposits is determined by palladium and platinum, while in dunite-harzburgite substrate of primary ophiolitic massifs major platinoids are ruthenium, osmium and iridium. Pt/Pd ratio is generally less than 1, i.e. palladium is dominating in them with some exceptions.

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