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Electroextraction of cobalt from sulfate-chloride and sulfate solutions of cobalt and manganese in static conditions

L. P. Khomenko1
L. A. Voropanova2
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  • 1 — North Caucasian Mining and Metallurgy Institute (State Technological University)
  • 2 — North Caucasian Mining and Metallurgy Institute (State Technological University)
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The dependence of the results of electroextraction cobalt and manganese from aqueous solutions of their sulphate and chloride-sulfate solutions under static conditions was investigated. According to the results of current efficiency and specific energy consumption it has been found that the electrowinning of cobalt from aqueous solutions of cobalt and manganese in static conditions using a titanium cathode should be carried out at low concentration of manganese from sulphate-chloride solution without partitions and from sulphate solutions both without and with the perforated partitions separating the electrolytic cell into cathode and anode space.

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