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Assessment of operational reliability of quarry excavator-dump truck complexes

V. M. Kurganov1
M. V. Gryaznov2
S. V. Kolobanov3
  • 1 — Tver State University, Tver, Russia
  • 2 — Open Mining Research Institute, Chelyabinsk, Russia
  • 3 — OJSC “Loga”, Magnitogorsk, Russia
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Date published:


The method proposed in the article is based on the mathematical apparatus for quantitative assessment of the reliability of majority schemes of structural redundancy of transport processes, which provide the availability and usage of several backup delivery channels in the transport process in case of any malfunction. The principle of multi-channel haulage is commonly used in quarries for transportation of overburden and minerals from benches by dump trucks, when excavators and dump trucks performing cyclic operations function as a single excavator-dump truck complex. This pattern of work significantly increases the likelihood of fulfilling the daily plan for transporting rock mass due to the redistribution of dump trucks between mining and overburden excavators in the event of failure of one or more units of mining and handling equipment. The reliability of excavator-dump truck complexes is assessed in three stages: initial data collection for mathematical modeling of excavator-dump truck complex performance; solving the problem of optimizing the distribution of dump trucks between excavators, ensuring maximum productivity of the excavator-dump truck complex; assessment of the reliability of its work depending on the probability of fulfilling the daily plan for the transportation of rock mass. The proposed method is implemented as part of a computer program and makes it possible to automate the operational management of the process of transporting rock mass in a quarry using a mobile application. The developed guidelines can be used for any quarries with automobile transport, regardless of the type of mineral extracted, the mining method, the loading pattern, the capacity of the excavation and loading equipment fleet, and the capacity of operated dump trucks.    

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