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Results and prospects of geological mapping of the Arctic shelf of Russia

Evgeny A. Gusev
  • Ph.D. Deputy General Director Russian Research Institute for Geology and Mineral Resources of the World Ocean named after I.S.Gramberg ▪ Orcid
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The results of compiling the sets of the State Geological Map at a scale of 1:1,000,000 for the Arctic continental shelf of Russia are analyzed. Results are summed up, and the main problems of geological mapping are outlined. The results of geological and geophysical studies of the Arctic Ocean are of great importance for deciphering the geological evolution. The Arctic shelf is the widest shelf in the world, while the spreading ocean basin is one of the narrowest and is characterized by anomalous structural features. The main problems of geological mapping include identification the sedimentary cover/folded basement boundary, interpretation the geodynamic evolution of the shelf and adjacent ocean, determining the rates of sedimentation and stratigraphic subdivision of the sedimentary cover due to a small number of key boreholes. It is promising to further study problem areas with unclear features of geological structure as well as small-scale mapping in areas of industrial development on the Arctic continental shelf.

geological structure state geological mapping mineral resource potential sedimentary cover continental shelf the Arctic
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