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Vol 145
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Strategical management at the level of a large interregional company

M. A. Bezrukova
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  • Mezhregiongaz
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Strategies developed by the 'Mezhregiongas Company' with respect to gas supply to the end-user must be sufficiently flexible and able to meet demand in correspondence with the requirements of the market in any and every region. Under current conditions, the company must capitalize on all authorized market mechanisms seeking payment for gas deliveries and define its obligations to re­gional budgets by the conclusion of agreements between the company's branches and subjects of the Russian Federation. Therefore, in order to strengthen its influence and position on the heating market, the company must develop the maximum-feasible, closed-loop production system for the de­livery of gas to its clients (including possession of low-pressure networks). In addition, it is necessary to support a continuous gas supply to regions where the company has strategic interests.

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