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Vol 145
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Economic strategy of Gazprom enterprises during the formation of an optimal ratio energy prices

N. I. Oleschuk
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  • Gazprom
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The 'Gazprom' family of companies supplies most of the natural gas in Russia and occupies a main role in the Russian energy industry. The current economic situation has forced 'Gazprom' to develop its own strate­gic management in a way that both differs from the strategic management used in command economies and free-market economies. In the current conditions only the intervention of the government in the economic sphere of activity fosters competitive order. The companies are to take an active part in realizing govern­mental programs and participating in tenders for government orders. At the same time, however, active pro­motion of its goods and services on the market is necessary. When forming the new energy strategy, it is planned to establish an optimal ratio between coal, natural gas and fuel oil. In such conditions, companies of the same industry will take part in a continually growing rivalry with companies of other energy industries, as each industry will produce competitive substitutes.

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  1. Информационный вестник. Санкт-Петербургский горный ин-т. СПб, 2000. №2.

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