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Justification and selection of design parameters of the eccentric gear mechanism of the piston lubrication and filling unit for the mining machines maintenance

Sergei L. Ivanov1
Kristina A. Safronchuk2
Yuri Olt3
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Piston pumps are widely used in the lubrication systems of mining machines. When carrying out technical maintenance (MOT), including lubrication and filling works, at the site of operation of mining machines due to the remoteness from repair shops and warehouses of fuels and lubricants (FAL), mobile repair shops ( MRS), maintenance units (MU) and mechanized filling units (MFU) are used. The specificity of carrying out maintenance is to create conditions for the supply of oils, working fluids and lubricants to the corresponding systems of mining machines for their refueling. Existing piston pumps and pumping units, as a rule, are single-flow, and the piston is driven by a crank mechanism driven from the engine through a worm gear. The emergence of unique, hydraulic, low-mobility mining machines in open pit mining required a significant increase in the power of the MU and MFU oil pumping units, primarily for greases. However, the traditional design of the drive design of a crank-type piston pump unit at a power of over 80 kW does not allow achieving the specified operating time, it is accompanied by intensive wear of the drive elements and increased dynamics during operation. In addition, it is necessary to apply various designs of pumping units for the supply of liquid and grease lubricants. Thus, it is necessary to develop new circuit solutions for pumping units of the crank type, to improve mobile refueling facilities with a modernized design of the pump unit drive of the mobile lubrication and filling station MRS.

pump lubrication and filling works maintenance and repair mining machine opencast mining mobile lubri-cation and filling unit toothed eccentric drive
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