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Vladimir O. Golubev, Tatyana E. Litvinova (2021) Dynamic simulation of industrial-scale gibbsite crystallization circuit. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 247. p. 88-101. DOI: 10.31897/PMI.2021.1.10
GolubevV. O., & LitvinovaT. E. (2021). Dynamic simulation of industrial-scale gibbsite crystallization circuit. Journal of Mining Institute, 247, 88-101.

Dynamic simulation of industrial-scale gibbsite crystallization circuit

Vladimir O. Golubev1
Tatyana E. Litvinova2
Date submitted:
Date accepted:
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Population balance model is crucial for improving the method of aluminum hydroxide massive crystallization and enhancing the quality of control over industrial precipitation trains. This paper presents the updated population balance model, which can be used for simulation of industrial-scale precipitation. Processes of birth-and-spread and particle breakage are considered integral parts of the precipitation process along with secondary nucleation, growth and agglomeration of particles. The conceptual difference of the proposed system of equations is its ability to reproduce the oscillatory process that occurs in precipitation circuits as a result of cyclic changes in the quality of the seed surface. It is demonstrated that self-oscillations can occur in the system without any external influence. The updated model is adjusted and verified using historical industrial data. The simulation of seed-recycle precipitation circuit showed an exact correspondence between the calculated dynamic pattern of changes in particle size distribution of aluminum hydroxide and the actual data.

aluminum hydroxide crystallization agglomeration nucleation spreading birth modeling oscillation birth-and-spread
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