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Nataliya V. Vasilyeva, Aleksei V. Boikov, Olga O. Erokhina, Andrei Yu. Trifonov (2021) Automated digitization of radial charts. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 247. p. 82-87. DOI: 10.31897/PMI.2021.1.9
VasilyevaN. V., BoikovA. V., ErokhinaO. O., & TrifonovA. Y. (2021). Automated digitization of radial charts. Journal of Mining Institute, 247, 82-87.

Automated digitization of radial charts

Nataliya V. Vasilyeva1
Aleksei V. Boikov2
Olga O. Erokhina3
Andrei Yu. Trifonov4
Date submitted:
Date accepted:
Date published:


Radial charts were commonly used in the industry to allow retrospective assessment of technological parameters. Today it is relevant to digitize the obtained data in order to simplify the automation of technological processes. Digitization of radial charts by means of standard methods is carried out with the help of human labor at significant time costs. The article proposes an automated method for digitizing radial charts using software, developed in the LabVIEW programming environment. The results of processing radial charts are displayed on the screen in numerical and graphical form, and can also be exported to a file (for example, to Notepad or MS Excel). The presented technique can be applied to images obtained on a color or black-and-white scanner, which minimizes geometric distortions, associated with the conversion of a paper document into electronic form, and ensures recognition quality of the clear plot line with an average relative error of up to 3 %. In case of ink fading or perspective photos of the diagram, the value of relative error can reach 8 %, as a result of which additional manual correction of the data will be required.

image digitization radial charts LabVIEW image identification digital image processing automation
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