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One of the ways to increase the durability of the sectional pump balancing ring

Nikolai P. Ovchinnikov
  • Ph.D. North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K.Ammosov ▪ Scopus
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The article presents the results of scientific research aimed at struggling the adhesive wear of parts of sectional pumps balancing ring, where the drainage units pumping equipment of the Russian Federation underground kimberlite mines was used as an object of research. It has been theoretically proven and experimentally confirmed that if there is data on the total operating time of a sectional pump in transient modes per day, using the constructed regression model, it is possible to calculate with high accuracy the average operating time of its balancing ring unit to failure. The constructed regression model is applicable only to sectional pumps of drainage units of underground kimberlite mines in the Russian Federation. It is possible to increase the durability of the balancing ring by reducing the acceleration and deceleration time of the sectional pump; for safe operation, it should be at least 10 s. Pilot tests carried out indicate the effectiveness of the proposed method for prompt identification of the critical axial displacement of the sectional pump rotor through the vibration of the discharge tube. The introduction of this method will reduce the cost of repair work to restore the performance of parts of the hydraulic foot to a minimum.

sectional pump balancing ring wear transient mode discharge pipe vibration
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