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Justification of stripping and development of a modular mine site for a combined coal mining method in Kuzbass on the example Baikaimskaya mine site

Roman I. Shishkov1
Valerii A. Fedorin2
  • 1 — Postgraduate Student Institute of Coal SB RAS
  • 2 — Ph.D., Dr.Sci. Researcher Institute of Coal SB RAS
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The article considers one actual method for development coal deposits in the Kuzbass by open-underground mining. The scientific and practical advantages of the proposed method due to the use of common infrastructure of coal mine and a modular mine site (subsequently transformed into a mining and technological structure operating according to the mine – longwall scheme) are presented. Currently, a development strategy for Kuzbass until 2035 has been developed. As part of the strategy, a draft program for subsoil use is being formed in the coal industry department. The program should take into account all the positive and negative aspects associated with coal mining in cities and municipal areas and also their prospects. In the Kuznetsk coal basin, 42 mines and 52 opencast mines are mining, of which 12 enterprises use partially unified infrastructure. According to the results of open-underground mining work conducted by the laboratory of the Institute of Coal and Coal Chemistry of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Coal SB RAS), the list of sites includes favorable mining and geological conditions with incidence angles of up to 18 degrees. As open-pit coal production increases, many sites encounter such a parameter as maximum allowable (boundary) strip ratio. At the stage of preparing the feasibility study for the development of a coal deposit, this coefficient is calculated first of all, since duration of enterprise’s work and its economic component depend on it. In order to increase parameters, it is necessary to carry out transition from open works to underground. As a result, coal mine will not work at a loss, providing production with an economically disadvantageous strip ratio.

open-underground mining coal deposits strip ratio modular mine site related infrastructure
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