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B. N. Abramovich (2018) Uninterruptible power supply system for mining industry enterprises. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 229. p. 31. DOI: 10.25515/pmi.2018.1.31
AbramovichB. N. (2018). Uninterruptible power supply system for mining industry enterprises. Journal of Mining Institute, 229, 31.

Uninterruptible power supply system for mining industry enterprises

B. N. Abramovich
  • Saint-Petersburg Mining University
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Immediate problem of compensating falls and deviations of voltage in the power supply systems of mining enterprises in order to ensure the proper level of power supply reliability for the most important technological consumers is substantiated in the article. The main causes of the voltage falls and deviations occurrence in the power supply systems of mining enterprises have been identified. The degree of different nature voltage falls and deviations influence on the dynamic and static stability of power supply systems is established. The necessity of ensuring an uninterrupted and guaranteed power supply mode for continuous technological processes of mining production is shown. The analysis of the existing regulatory documentation in the field of guaranteed and uninterrupted power supply is carried out. Based on the results of experimental studies and mathematical modeling, a relationship has been revealed between formally independent sources of electricity supply from the viewpoint of existing regulatory documentation. The expression allowing determination of cohesion coefficient of two power supply sources is given. The necessity of taking into account the degree of sources interconnection in the synthesis of uninterruptible power supply systems for mining enterprises is justified. The analysis of existing technical means and solutions for reserving power supply for mining enterprises, including modern uninterruptible online power supply systems, own needs power plants, as well as dynamic voltage distortion compensators, is done. The classification of the consumers categories related to possibility of their complete or partial shutdown in emergency modes in case of voltage falls and interruptions is given. System of uninterruptible power supply for mining enterprises based on the combined use of alternative and renewable energy sources, uninterruptible power supply sources and a multi-step automatic reserve transition system, which allows ensuring uninterrupted mode of energy supply for the most responsible consumers of mining enterprises, was developed. 

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