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Status and directions of improvement of development systems of coal seams on perspective Kuzbass coal mines

V. P. Zubov
  • Saint-Petersburg Mining University
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The article presents the results of the analysis of the Russian coal mines experience in using the variant of the long-pillar development system with the abandonment of coal pillars in the mined out areas of longwall faces. In the Kuzbass mines, this option accounts for 90-95 % of the total volume of coal mined by the underground method. It is pointed out that it is necessary to take into account the negative influence of the pillars left in the worked out space on the geomechanical conditions of conducting mining operations in the overworked (underworked) seams. A significant negative effect of the pillars is shown in combination with selective extraction of the adjacent layers on reduction of the balance reserves. The measures allowing to increase the efficiency of the use of long pillar mining systems for the development of adjacent series of seams are considered.

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