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G. G. Basin
G. G. Basin
National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
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Electromechanics and mechanical engineering
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External dynamics formation in mining machines

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This study surveyed the current state of mining machines dynamics. In the significant number of theoretical studies mining face was represented as a force variable in time. Such face representa-tion does not reflect physical reality, and does not include the influence of mining machines dynamic parameters and processes on face formation. This paper introduces a new dynamic model of the mining machine with an idealized damageable face, which provides kinematic excitation of the drill-ing bit while moving on its trail. In this case, the mining machine is represented as a dynamic system with a delay (a system with «memory»), where face coordinates depend on the dynamic parameters and operating modes. The proposed system was checked for stability. This study shows that stable dynamic systems «executive body» with a variable structure provide minimal target dynamic loads. Experimental study of executive bodies suspensions of the blasthole drilling rigs, coal mining and tunneling machines was conducted. Experiments showed high efficiency reduction of dynamic loads in the carrying systems in all cases.

How to cite:E. A. Zagrivnyi, G. G. Basin (2016) External dynamics formation in mining machines. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 217. p. 140.