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Lev А. Zakharov
Lev А. Zakharov
Branch of LLC “LUKOIL-Inzhiniring” in Perm “PermNIPIneft”
Branch of LLC “LUKOIL-Inzhiniring” in Perm “PermNIPIneft”
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Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology
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Predicting dynamic formation pressure using artificial intelligence methods

Determining formation pressure in the well extraction zones is a key task in monitoring the development of hydrocarbon fields. Direct measurements of formation pressure require prolonged well shutdowns, resulting in underproduction and the possibility of technical problems with the subsequent start-up of wells. The impossibility of simultaneous shutdown of all wells of the pool makes it difficult to assess the real energy state of the deposit. This article presents research aimed at developing an indirect method for determining the formation pressure without shutting down the wells for investigation, which enables to determine its value at any time. As a mathematical basis, two artificial intelligence methods are used – multidimensional regression analysis and a neural network. The technique based on the construction of multiple regression equations shows sufficient performance, but high sensitivity to the input data. This technique enables to study the process of formation pressure establishment during different periods of deposit development. Its application is expedient in case of regular actual determinations of indicators used as input data. The technique based on the artificial neural network enables to reliably determine formation pressure even with a minimal set of input data and is implemented as a specially designed software product. The relevant task of continuing the research is to evaluate promising prognostic features of artificial intelligence methods for assessing the energy state of deposits in hydrocarbon extraction zones.

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Lev А. Zakharov, Dmitry А. Martyushev, Inna N. Ponomareva (2022) Predicting dynamic formation pressure using artificial intelligence methods. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 253. p. 23-32. DOI: 10.31897/PMI.2022.11