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Aleksandr S. Fedorov
Postgraduate Student
Saint Petersburg Mining University
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Postgraduate Student
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Saint Petersburg Mining University
Saint Petersburg


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Analysis of the screw press mouthpiece parameters for 3D extrusion of peat pieces of tubular type

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The results of theoretical and experimental studies on the creation of a screw press composite mouthpiece screw press for 3D-forming of peat pieces of a tubular type in the field for intensifying the process of field drying of material in a complex mechanized pit are presented. The main purpose of the study was to substantiate the geometric and design parameters of the screw press composite mouthpiece of the spread machine for the production of peat-agglomerated products of the tubular type. The parameters of the mouthpiece are selected based on the geometric characteristics of the peat pieces. An increase in moisture loss during drying of peat-agglomerated products is provided by forming a peat piece in the form of a thick-walled pipe made of a peat raw materials composed of low and high decomposition degrees in a ratio of 1:3. Additive production of polymer-fiber peat composites by extrusion allows to produce products with improved mechanical properties in comparison with non-reinforced raw materials. The vertical arrangement of the peat tubular piece on the drying field allows to increase the loading of the field area by 10 %, increase the convective heat supply to the piece and reduce the contact coefficient of the piece with the field by three times in comparison with the peat spreading of the pieces in the form of a horizontal tape. Based on the analysis of the shape and size of the agglomerated products, the design of a screw press composite mouthpiece consisting of two conditional molding zones of various configurations has been developed. The article presents a parametric analysis of the volumetric productivity of a screw press with a composite mouthpiece of a tubular type, the energy intensity of mechanical processing is determined, the degree of mechanical processing of peat raw materials is estimated with the optimization of the screw parameters for the production of agglomerated products of a tubular type.

How to cite: Mikhailov , A. V., & Fedorov , A. S. (2021). Analysis of the screw press mouthpiece parameters for 3D extrusion of peat pieces of tubular type. Journal of Mining Institute, 249, 351-365.