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Maria A. Ponomareva
Assistant Lecturer, Ph.D.
Saint Petersburg Mining University
Saint Petersburg Russia
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Assistant Lecturer, Ph.D.
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Saint Petersburg Mining University
Saint Petersburg
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Sorption of rare earth coordination compounds

Rare earth elements (REEs) are valuable and strategically important in many high-technology areas, such as laser technology, pharmacy and metallurgy. The main methods of REE recovery are precipitation, extraction and sorption, in particular ion exchange using various sorbents, which allow to perform selective recovery and removal of associated components, as well as to separate rare earth metals with similar chemical properties. The paper examines recovery of ytterbium in the form of coordination compounds with Trilon B on weakly basic anion exchange resin D-403 from nitrate solutions. In order to estimate thermodynamic sorption parameters of ytterbium anionic complexes, ion exchange process was carried out from model solutions under constant ionic strength specified by NaNO 3 , optimal liquid to solid ratio, pH level, temperatures 298 and 343 K by variable concentrations method. Description of thermodynamic equilibrium was made using mass action law formulated for ion exchange equation and mathematically converted to linear form. Values of equilibrium constants, Gibbs free energy, enthalpy and entropy of the sorption process have been calculated. Basing on calculated values of Gibbs energy, a sorption series of complex REE ions with Trilon B was obtained over anion exchange resin D-403 from nitrate solutions at temperature 298 K. Sorption characteristics of anion exchange resin have been estimated: total capacity, limiting sorption of complex ions, total dynamic capacity and breakthrough dynamic capacity.

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Olga V. Cheremisina, Elizaveta A. Cheremisina, Maria A. Ponomareva, Аleksander Т. Fedorov (2020) Sorption of rare earth coordination compounds. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 244. p. 474-481. DOI: 10.31897/pmi.2020.4.10