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L. R. Omarova
L. R. Omarova
Dagestan State Pedagogical University
Dagestan State Pedagogical University


Rhetoric in universities: course concept - teaching methods - textbooks
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Speech means of activating the audience's attention

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The impact of the oratorical word on the audience depends on a number of factors, among which not the least is the speaker's ability to establish communicative contact with the listeners. The impact on the audience begins with the first word of the speaker - the address, and then throughout the speech builds a two-way "hidden" conversation of all participants of the speech act. The article considers some techniques of establishing such contact: repetition of the address, intimization of the statement, use of dilemmas, interrogative constructions and rhetorical questions. These techniques do not exhaust the topic. A full study presupposes a more detailed analysis.

How to cite: Omarova , L. R. (2005). Speech means of activating the audience’s attention. Journal of Mining Institute, 160(1), 145-147.