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T. T. Baeva
T. T. Baeva
Russian State Hydrometeorological University
Russian State Hydrometeorological University
St. Petersburg


О некоторых принципах риторического воздействия

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Настоящая статья посвящена рассмотрению видов речевого воздействия в коммуникации. 

How to cite: Baeva , T. T. (2008). Journal of Mining Institute, 175, 166.
Rhetoric in universities: course concept - teaching methods - textbooks
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Aristotle's rhetorical concept in A.V. STESHOV's scheme "Development of the Speech Intent"

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The article is devoted to methodological problems of teaching rhetoric to non-philology students. It describes the system of work with the scheme of speech generation used in teaching practice by A.V. Steshov. The work according to this scheme provides obligatory success in rhetoric classes.

How to cite: Baeva , T. T. (2005). Aristotle’s rhetorical concept in A.V. STESHOV’s scheme "Development of the Speech Intent". Journal of Mining Institute, 160(1), 117-121.