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A. A. Prokazov
A. A. Prokazov
Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
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Applied and fundamental research in physics and mathematics
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Directional drilling in ice caps

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Directional drilling technology can be used in glacier boreholes to obtain additional ice cores and to pass over sticking drills. Experimental sidetracking of 5G-2 hole in the deep borehole at Vostok station, Antarctica, showed the high efficiency of the directional drilling without using of special whip-stocks to deviate the hole. 

How to cite:N. I. Vasil'ev, P. G. Talalai, A. N. Dmitriev, S. V. Yankilevich, A. A. Prokazov, V. Ya. Lipenkov (2010) Directional drilling in ice caps. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 187. p. 31.