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S. V. Egorov
S. V. Egorov
Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
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Applied and fundamental research in physics and mathematics
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Heatmasstransfer to nearsurface geothermal systems

The paper is concerned with mathematical modeling of heat and mass transfer in subsurface geothermal systems. Heat exchanger is driven as a vertical channel in an impermeable rock massive. The temperature of rock is driven in accord with a usual thermal conductance equation on a cylinder coordinates basis. The boundary conditions between the rock and heat exchanger are given by the equality of a thermal flow. 

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E. I. Boguslavskii, N. N. Smirnova, S. V. Egorov (2010) Heatmasstransfer to nearsurface geothermal systems. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 187. p. 24.