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K. I. Sidorova
K. I. Sidorova
Saint Petersburg State Mining University
Saint Petersburg State Mining University


Nanotechnologies and information technologies
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Nanotechnologies in modern plasma energetics

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Fundamental research in the field of plasma energetics provides a new opportunity  to achieve high efficiency of thermionic converters (TIC). The interelectrode gap of such TICs contains the condensate of excited states (CES), consisting of up to 1000 excited Cs atoms in the form of a plasma crystal (Rydberg  matter). In a laboratory TIC with Cs CES the efficiency of ~25 % was registered by emitter’s tem- perature ТЕ ~1600 К and collector’s temperature ТС  ~700 К.  A  unique combination  of low  TE and high efficiency of the system provides a prospect to implement such systems in small nuclear energetics. The results were obtained with SSC RF – Institute for Physics and Power Engineering (Obninsk).

How to cite: Mustafaev , A. S., Sidorova , K. I., & Mamelkina , M. A. (2012). Nanotechnologies in modern plasma energetics. Journal of Mining Institute, 196, 342.