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S. A. Erokhin
S. A. Erokhin
Moscow State University
Moscow State University
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Application of the modern electric exploratory technologies in prospecting of mineral deposits
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Anisotropy investigations with azimuthal self potential measurements

New field technology for studying anisotropy of hydraulic properties in fractured rocks on azimuthal self potential (SP) measurements, developed by D.N. Wishart and L. Slater, is considered and used to study water filtration in loose grain  sediments of river floodplain. Azimuthal SP diagrams allow finding direction of groundwater filtration and can add to traditional azimuthal resistivity survey.

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V. A. Shevnin, S. A. Erokhin, A. M. Pavlova (2013) Anisotropy investigations with azimuthal self potential measurements. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 200. p. 108.