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I. S. Kotin
I. S. Kotin
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Application of the modern electric exploratory technologies in prospecting of mineral deposits
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Surface electrical tomography for taliks mapping (Taimyr Peninsulа)

The technique and results  of electrical explorations using electrical tomography procedure in permafrost on the Taimyr Peninsula are presented. The zones of permafrost, «sluggish» frozen zones and thawed soils (talik) are revealed and identified based on the values of resistivity. The authors suggest the method of interpretation with the help of the electrical resistivity spatial gradient for the identification of sediments in the cross-section. It was found that the areas with high-gradient of resistivity correspond to the frozen loam, and the areas of low gradient coincide with the sand layers in the permafrost.

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A. V. Politsina, I. S. Kotin, D. V. Stepanov, M. P. Kashkevich, A. V. Galysheva (2013) Surface electrical tomography for taliks mapping (Taimyr Peninsulа). Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 200. p. 76.