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G. N. Klimentenok
G. N. Klimentenok
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The influence of mineralogical composition features on Severoonezhsk bauxite thermochemical enrichment

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The analysis shows a sharp aggravation of resource replenishment problem on the mining enterprises of the country. The share explored to date active bauxite stocks is 60-68 %. Provision of proven bauxite reserves has reached a critically low level, and a strategic reserve for existing fields is insufficient. The situation is aggravated by the lack of new mining facilities and the discontinuance of  exploration. While the resource base preparation in the volume, cost-effective for industrial development, requires 10-15 years with a concentration of significant resources. Unfortunately, in Russia there is no high quality bauxite, which is global alumina industry based on. One solution to this problem is to engage in the Bayer process production the low-quality bauxite with thermochemical pre-conditioning. Despite high energy costs, calcinations condition allows bauxite materials for a variety of technologically harmful contaminants such as organics, sulfide sulfur, carbonates, and post-treatment circulating alkaline solutions to improve the silicon module of bauxite concentrate. On the example of high-silicon chromium Severoonezhsk bauxite shows the positive role of calcinations in their processing and increase the possibility of multiple silicon module of bauxite ore, successfully processed by the Bayer method. Laboratory tests confirmed by the experimental-industrial tests.

How to cite: Beloglazov , I. N., Dubovikov , O. A., Shvachko , G. I., & Klimentenok , G. N. (2013). The influence of mineralogical composition features on Severoonezhsk bauxite thermochemical enrichment. Journal of Mining Institute, 202, 185.