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It is the Journal’s 110th Anniversary!

Dear colleagues!

In November 2017the Journal of Mining Institute, the oldest scientific and technical periodical of Russia, celebrates its 110th anniversary.

The first issue of the journal entitled "Journal of Empress Catherine’s IIMining Institute" was published on November 12, 1907, to acquaint the scientific community of Russia, Western Europe and America with the development of mining science and technology and the adoption of global mining experience. The editor-in-chief of the journal was EvgrafStepanovichFedorov, an outstanding scientist, crystallographer, mineralogist, and mathematician, director of the Mining Institute, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The anniversary 228th volume of the journal will publish the best papers by famous scientists and representatives of transnational companies from all around the world, who present their views on the breakthrough achievements in the mining industry over the past 110 years, as well as on the developmentprospects of science andtechnologies of the future.

We invite authors to be published in the anniversary volume of the journal! For the materials to be considered at the meeting of the Editorial Board of the Journal, they must be submitted before October 01, 2017.