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Том 174 Experimental researches for the reduction of the noxes during the burning of pit coal from Jiu Valley – Romania Аннотация   PDF (English)
Ciolea Daniela Ionela
Том 170, № 2 Mine waste management in upper silesian coal basin (USCB) Аннотация   PDF (English)
Jacek Nowak, Aleksander Frejowski
Том 170, № 2 Specific support actions which improve researcher’s mobility as examples of projects carrying out at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland Аннотация   PDF (English)
Maria Galuszko
Том 170, № 2 Feasibility study of CO2 storage in closed coal mines Аннотация   PDF (English)
Marcin A. Lutyński, Piotr Sakiewicz
Том 170, № 2 The pharmaceuticals removal by means of AOPs Аннотация   PDF (English)
Dorota Marciocha, Ewa Felis, Joanna Surmacz-Górska
Том 170, № 2 The directions of development as a chance for small family farms Аннотация   PDF (English)
Małgorzata Mielczarek
Том 170, № 2 Problems of the protection of mining terrains in the mining industry of zinc and lead ores Аннотация   PDF (English)
Monika Piskorz
Том 170, № 2 Ecological effect of air/fuel staging and flue gas recirculation on NOX formation – experimental and numerical analysis Аннотация   PDF (English)
Poskart Monika, Lech Szecówka
Том 170, № 2 Nitrification of high ammonia concentrations in membrane bioreactors – microbiological aspect Аннотация   PDF (English)
Anna Raszka, Joanna Surmacz-Górska
Том 170, № 2 Acoustic requirements for constructions in central Europe Аннотация   PDF (English)
Pavel Oravec, Zdeněk Galda, Kateřina Kubenková
Том 167, № 2 Strength analysis of the reason of initiation of fatigue defects in winding drums Аннотация   PDF (English)
Dariusz Bańdo, Filip Matachowski
Том 167, № 2 Structural and thermal stresses occurring during press-fit mounting process Аннотация   PDF (English)
Krzysztof Michalczyk
Том 167, № 2 A systematic of cleaning machines in the mineral processing industry Аннотация   PDF (English)
Hagen Müller
Том 167, № 2 Copper extraction from diluted solutions using hollow fiber supported liquid membranes Аннотация   PDF (English)
Mihaela Caltaru, Nicolae Petrescu, Cristina Vasiliu
Том 167, № 2 Experimental researches on metals extraction with organic solvents by new methods using liquid membranes Аннотация   PDF (English)
Mihaela Caltaru, Nicolae Petrescu
Том 167, № 2 Estimation of maximum cost of CO2 in EOR projects Аннотация   PDF (English)
Piotr Kosowski
Том 167, № 2 Efficiency of methane drainage of coal seams in Polish underground mines Аннотация   PDF (English)
Sebastian Napieraj
Том 167, № 2 Research on biosurfactants – trehalose lipids in rhodococci Аннотация   PDF (English)
Susanne Niescher, Stefan R. Kaschabek, Michael Schlömann
Том 167, № 2 Evalation of seedlings tolerance to toxic contrentatio of aluminium ions in breeding material of triticale Аннотация   PDF (English)
Kamila Nowosad
Том 167, № 2 Changes in the blasting techniques during recent years in Poland Аннотация   PDF (English)
Magdalena Piżuk
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