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Том 167, № 2 Reforms in polish mining Аннотация   PDF (English)
Mariusz Kapusta
Том 167, № 2 Outsourcing and a value based management Аннотация   PDF (English)
Dominik Kowal
Том 167, № 2 Integrated management systems (IMS) according to iso and other international management standards Аннотация   PDF (English)
Lina Lau
Том 167, № 2 The agreement between the government of the republic of Poland and the government of the Russian Federation concerning the avoidance of double taxation with respect to income and property taxes Аннотация   PDF (English)
Bartłomiej Mazurkiewicz
Том 167, № 2 Adaptative Holt’s forecasting model based on immune paradigm Аннотация   PDF (English)
Tomasz Pelech
Том 150, № 1 The ecology of Russian cities in the north. VORKUTA industrial region Аннотация   PDF (English)
M. N. Vahnina
Том 181 Cutting technology with point attack picks on roadheaders and its challenges Аннотация   PDF (English)
Hubert Kargl
Том 181 Economical model for maintenance of electric distribution system Аннотация   PDF (English)
Juha Korpijärvi
Том 181 Monitoring on-line by the stability of the Кalman filter used in the vectorial control system for the speed of an induction motor Аннотация   PDF (English)
Nadia Stoicuta, Olimpiu Stoicuta
Том 181 Small speed asymptotic stability study of a speed vector control system for an induction motor that contains in its loop a Gopinath observer Аннотация   PDF (English)
Olimpiu Stoicuta, Nadia Stoicuta, Teodor Pana
Том 174 Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the district heating system of Vyborg Аннотация   PDF (English)
Värri Hanna, Kaikko Juha, Horttanainen Mika, Linnanen Lassi
Том 174 The database of wastes and waste incineration optimization Аннотация   PDF (English)
Fiedor Jiri, Obroucka Karel
Том 174 Some topics on using ultrasonic method for concrete casting level measurement in bored pile foundation Аннотация   PDF (English)
Lan Kai, Yan Taining, Shao Chun
Том 174 Determination of hafnium in zirconium compounds using flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS) Аннотация   PDF (English)
Agata Jakóbik – Kolon, Marek Smolik, Ewa Miodek
Том 174 Technology of fabrication in relation to microstructure of Ni-Ti shape memory alloys Аннотация   PDF (English)
I. Szurman, M. Kursa
Том 170, № 2 Effect of cooling rate on the solidification behavior of ac AlSi7Cu2 alloy Аннотация   PDF (English)
L. A. Dobrzański, R. Maniara, J. Sokolowski
Том 170, № 2 Examination of energy and force parameters during rolling process using longitudinal slitting passes Аннотация   PDF (English)
Mróz Sebastian, Dyja Henryk
Том 170, № 2 Production aspects of ductility minimum emperature dmt phenomenon in as cast CuNi25 alloy Аннотация   PDF (English)
R. Nowosielski, P. Sakiewicz, M. Lutyński
Том 170, № 2 Theoretical analysis of metal flow velocity of bimetallic rod during extrusion process Аннотация   PDF (English)
Szymon Berski, Grzegorz Banaszek, Henryk Dyja
Том 174 Biodegradation of PAHs, PCBs and PHC in sediments from the manmade water course of Černý příkop in the municipal territory of the Ostrava city (Czech republic) Аннотация   PDF (English)
Gabriela Lyčková, Radmila Kučerová, Peter Fečko, Iva Pečtová
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