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Том 170, № 2 Bathymetric measurements for the installation of the tsunami early warning system in the Indian Ocean Аннотация   PDF (English)
Christoph Warmbrunn, Andreas Thoss
Том 174 Removing cuttings from deviated and horizontal wells Аннотация   PDF (English)
Sandoiu Gheorghe-Florin
Том 170, № 2 Economic impact analysis of national natural gas storage Аннотация   PDF (English)
Eun-Young Ahn
Том 170, № 2 Experimental research concerning the influence of external diameter on the behavior of coiled tubing to cyclic bending with internal pressure Аннотация   PDF (English)
Vlad Ulmanu, Dragos Zisopol, Ciprian Trifan
Том 170, № 2 Reservoir simulation study of PWF (patern water flood) in m Field In Indonesia Аннотация   PDF (English)
Yuliarini Luh Mirah
Том 174 Large scale investments in Russia’s infrastructure and natural resources sector Аннотация   PDF (English)
Thomas Schumann
Том 170, № 2 Present time and prospect development of individual farms in klodzka dale after join to European Union Аннотация   PDF (English)
Magdalena Bogusz
Том 170, № 2 Project financing structures for the russian natural resources sector Аннотация   PDF (English)
Thomas Schumann
Том 170, № 2 Position of HR department in the company of the 21 century Аннотация   PDF (English)
Marta Znojek
Том 170, № 2 Disasters and their influence on the investors behaviour on the world stock markets Аннотация   PDF (English)
Marzena Baran
Том 170, № 2 Occupational health and safety management rules according to pier-merit program in polish coal mines Аннотация   PDF (English)
Alicja Krzemień, Aleksandra Dyszy
Том 170, № 2 Interaction of power engineering and living environment in the Czech Republic Аннотация   PDF (English)
Zdeněk Galda, Kateřina Kubenková, Pavel Oravec
Том 167, № 2 The modification of Markowitz portfolios made for stocks from the warsaw stock exchange Аннотация   PDF (English)
Bartosz T. Sawik
Том 167, № 2 The strategy of national pit coal company – consequence of restructuring Romanian mining industry in the context of Romanian adhesion to the European union Аннотация   PDF (English)
Diana Cornelia Csiminga
Том 167, № 2 The elements of marketing in polish subterranean building industry Аннотация   PDF (English)
Czesław Cyrnek, Marta Sukiennik
Том 167, № 2 The impact of restructuring in the mining industry on the labor in the jiu valley coal basin Аннотация   PDF (English)
Alina Fleser
Том 167, № 2 Principal transformations in managerial control consequences privatisation energy system of distribution and supply electricity power of Romanian Аннотация   PDF (English)
Mihaela Ghicajanu
Том 167, № 2 The implementation and optimizing of the informational systems in the company’s management Аннотация   PDF (English)
Gabriela Gogoţ, Sorin Dobîrcianu
Том 167, № 2 The use of automatic data processing/computing systems at the modern management level of the company Аннотация   PDF (English)
Gabriela Gogoţ, Mihaela Ciopi Oprea, Sorin Dobîrcianu
Том 167, № 2 Smart partnership for higher education: European Mineral Masters Engineering Course Аннотация   PDF (English)
Judyta Hawrysz, Hans De Ruiter
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