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N. I. Vasil'ev, G. L. Leichenkov, E. A. Zagrivnyi Prospects of obtaining samples of bottom sediments from subglacial lake Vostok. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 224. p. 199. DOI: 10.18454/pmi.2017.2.199

Prospects of obtaining samples of bottom sediments from subglacial lake Vostok

N. I. Vasil'ev G. L. Leichenkov E. A. Zagrivnyi
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The paper proves the timeliness of obtaining and examining bottom sediments from subglacial Lake Vostok. Predictive geological section of Lake Vostok and information value of bottom sediments have been examined. Severe requirements towards environmental security of lake examinations and sampling of bottom sediments rule out the use of conventional drilling technologies, as they would pollute the lake with injection liquid from the borehole. In order to carry out sampling of bottom sediments from the subglacial lake, it is proposed to use a dynamically balanced tool string, which enables rotary drilling without any external support on borehole walls to transmit counter torque.     A theoretical analysis has been carried out to assess the operation of the tool string, which is a two-mass oscillatory electromechanical system of reciprocating and rotating motion (RRM) with two degrees of freedom.

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