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N. I. Vasil'ev, P. G. Talalai, A. N. Dmitriev, S. V. Yankilevich, A. A. Prokazov, V. Ya. Lipenkov Directional drilling in ice caps. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 187. p. 31.

Directional drilling in ice caps

N. I. Vasil'ev P. G. Talalai A. N. Dmitriev S. V. Yankilevich A. A. Prokazov V. Ya. Lipenkov
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Directional drilling technology can be used in glacier boreholes to obtain additional ice cores and to pass over sticking drills. Experimental sidetracking of 5G-2 hole in the deep borehole at Vostok station, Antarctica, showed the high efficiency of the directional drilling without using of special whip-stocks to deviate the hole. 

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