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A. G. Pilyugin, V. G. Lazarenkov, N. I. Vorontsova, I. V. Talovina, A. P. Kozlov, A. V. Antonov, U. Kempe Platinum bearing vein chromites of Svetly Bor pyroxenite-dunite massif, Central Urals. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 200. p. 249.

Platinum bearing vein chromites of Svetly Bor pyroxenite-dunite massif, Central Urals

A. G. Pilyugin V. G. Lazarenkov N. I. Vorontsova I. V. Talovina A. P. Kozlov A. V. Antonov U. Kempe
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Platinum mineralization in Svetly Bor massif is represented by two promising mineral assemblages: chromite-platinum and platinum-type dunite. Body platinum of chromites lie within  the fields of small-and medium-grained dunite central part of the array. Spinel epigenetic vein platinum chromites of Svetly Bor clinopyroxenite-dunite massif have some geochemical features such as high iron content, low chromium and titanium. Changing the chemical composition of the constituent minerals chromites is the result of processes of serpentinization of dunites host and is accompanied  by the emergence of new mineral phases. Noble metal  mineralization  is represented  by fine  of up to 50 microns, mostly idiomorphic grains isoferroplatinum, tetraferroplatinum, osmiridium.

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