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A. N. Evdokimova, A. N. Sirotkin, V. S. Chebaevskii Late paleozoic alkaline-ultramaphic magmatism in Spitsbergen archipelagoes. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 200. p. 201.

Late paleozoic alkaline-ultramaphic magmatism in Spitsbergen archipelagoes

A. N. Evdokimova A. N. Sirotkin V. S. Chebaevskii
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Findings in the northwest of Spitsbergen of the hypabyssal intrusions of maphic and ultramaphic compositions with the increased content of alkalis and accessory minerals of kimberlite gave base for the more thorough studies of the region of their propagation, determination of laws governing the arrangement in the zone of the deep submeridional breaking zone  Breybogen, study of the physical composition, enriched by xenolites of the mantle level: lherzolites and wehrlites. The Late Paleozoic age, which coincides with the age of kimberlite of Arkhangel'sk region and the mineral-petrographical composition of these species testify about the significant similarity to the pyropic subfacies of kimberlitic magmatism.

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