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L. L. Fedorova, A. V. Omel'yanenko Application of GPR-technologies for the development of diamond fields permafrost. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 200. p. 99.

Application of GPR-technologies for the development of diamond fields permafrost

L. L. Fedorova A. V. Omel'yanenko
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In recent years, the complex of geophysical methods used in solving a wide range of tasks associated with the study of the upper part of the geological section, are increasingly attracted to the method of GPR. The advantages of GPR method are high efficiency and resolution, both in terms of, and in the sequence, the ability to work under any conditions. This paper is presented a methodical working out for perfection GPR technology to study the geological structure of the inhomogeneities  of the array of frozen rocks. Application of the developed technology allows to map the spatial distribution of permafrost and placer deposits is possible to optimize the amount of geological sampling and technology of deposits by selective extraction of the productive sands.

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