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V. M. Sizyakov, D. V. Gradov, Ilkka Turunen, Arto Laari Computer modeling of physical processes of gas-liquid reactor. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 202. p. 284.

Computer modeling of physical processes of gas-liquid reactor

V. M. Sizyakov D. V. Gradov Ilkka Turunen Arto Laari
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Computer based modeling is increasingly strengthening its position in equipment designing, especially unique meeting particular needs of production line or certain plant of metallurgy. There are several reasons for that such as economic benefits, wide range of geometry available to be built and possibility of comprehensive study on materials reliability as well as virtual model testing in working regime. One of the most applied and therefore permanently developed program packages for fluid behavior modeling is Fluent product of ANSYS company. The package is being used for creation first physical and in future chemical model which will be capable to describe and predict process and reactions behavior of high quality taking place in gold  leaching gas-liquid reactor  with thiosulphate using.

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