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Ya. Yu. Bushuev Multistage character of gold mineralization at the Nora area (Amur region). Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 211. p. 131.

Multistage character of gold mineralization at the Nora area (Amur region)

Ya. Yu. Bushuev
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The Nora area located in the Dzhagdy-Selemdshinsky metallogenic zone (the eastern part of the Mongol-Okhotsk fold belt) is poorly explored but there is an evident prospect for discov-ering a hard-rock gold deposit. Based on the common Mongol-Okhotsk fold belt strike and the previous exploration results, the recent prospecting works were focused upon revealing ore-bodies of the east-west strike. Analysis of their data has drown the conclusion that there might be at least two stages of gold-bearing mineralization at the explored area. The first one - Au -Ag-As-W stage is typical for deposits in the Dzhagdy -Selemdshinsky zone. It occurs mostly in ore-bodies of the east-west strike. The second – later stage, with the Au-(Ag)-Pb-(Zn) association, has been for the first time detected at this area. It is controlled by latent fractured structures of the north-south strike. Maximum gold concentration is characteristic for ore-bodies with combined development of both stages. Revealed regularities in location of various types gold-bearing mineralization should be taken into consideration for the grid of prospecting works and confirm the high potential of the Nora area.

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